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The ancient village kilkavalavedu is situated west of Historical famous city “Vanda vasi”

The Agraharavasigal of this village have done daily Thulasi Kainkariyam to Kanchipuram Devathi rajan. So the village was originally called as varadharajapuram.Even now one Agrahara street name is called ’Theppermmal Veethi’

Now the village is called Kilkovalavedu. In the center of the village Sri Ambujavalli Sametha Sri Adhikesava Perumal Sannathi is situated. Village Agrahara vasigal tried to construct a separate sannadhi for Sri Thayar.

As mentioned by Sri Namazhvar.

“Agalakillen lraiyumendru Alarmel Mangai Uraimarapa” Sri Thayar is not willing to have a separate sannathi and hence the sannathi was not completed.

Subsequently in this temple Sri Andal, Sri Swami Desikan, Sri Adhivan Satagopa Swami (The founder of Sri Ahobila mutt) moolavar and Utchavar ldols were installed and sanprokshanam performed.

A separate sannathi was constructed in 1988 for Sri Sarva Mangala Rama Ananeyar Moolavar & utchavar ldols installed and Samprokshanam done.

As per the Niyamanam of H.H. the 45th jeer of Sri Ahobila mutt to celebrate the 6th centenary of Sri Adhivan Satagopa Swami. A separate sannathi to Lakshmi Nirusimhan was constructed Moolavar and Utchavar ldols installed and sanprokshanam performed and 6th centeneray was celebrated.

Originally the temple was maintained by the Agrahara Vasigal themselves. Indue course the temple came under the control of H.R. & C.E.

Evenafter the temple was under the control of HR & CE the temple Aradhanam and Utchavathigal were performing by the Agrahara vasigall them selves.

As there is no sufficient income from the lands it is very difficult to do Aradhanam & Utchavathigal

The Agraharavasigal of this village who are residing outside the village got together and discussed the matter and decided to from “ SRI KESAVA PERUMAL KAINKARYA SAMITHI” and samithi should have a “ CORPUS” fund. Through this samithi the daily Aradhanam Utchavams may performed.

Event/ News

- Being Conducted By Saiprakash@Sowmiyanarayanan
S/o. K A Parthasarathy and Anantha Narayanan S/o K A Chakravarthy At Kilkovalavedu On 6th April 2012.

- Being Conducted By Sri Kesavaperumal Kainkarya Samithy On 6,7th And 8th April 2012. Rs. 100 Per Person For Archana Sangalpam.

- On 13th April 2012 Being Conducted By Youngsters Of Kilkovalavedu Village.

Any Donation For The Above Events Are Welcome